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Energize with SS Electricals: Your Solar Solution Source.

We supply all kind of electrical equipment like ABT Meters, CT’s, PT’s & RTU’s which are required for the transmission and measurement of electricity generated and utilized.


ABT METERS are specialized energy meters used to monitor and calculate electricity consumption under this tariff system. ABT is short for “Availability Based Tariff”, brings a thinking approach to electricity pricing by aligning charges with the availability of power supply in real time.

Remote Terminal Unit

RTU stands for Remote Terminal Unit, sometimes also called Remote Telemetry Unit or Remote Telecontrol Unit. An RTU is a microprocessor-based device that monitors and controls field devices, that then connects to plant control or SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) systems.

Current Transformer

The CURRENT TRANSFORMER AND POTENTIAL TRANSFORMER (also called voltage transformer) are both measuring devices. A CT lowers the current signals for measurement purposes, while a PT lowers high voltage values into lower ones. The transformers are designed to measure whether power systems are both accurate and safe.

SSE was established in 2017 and has become one of the good service providers for South India region. We are majorly working on Solar EPC and Supply of ABT Meters, CT’s, PT’s & RTU’s. We undertake all kinds of energy audits and prepare Detailed Project Reports (DPR).

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